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Hey hey… So I started reading a phenomenal new book – Never Split the Difference – A book on negotiation by the top FBI Hostage negotiator. Yeah… you can tell its gonna be good.
Get it here – http://amzn.to/2vc7vve
I also want to start recommending books because I hadn’t realize how little people read. I personally love it and its really good for you!
Anyway, This book was recommended to me by one giant in sales guy here in Toronto. We are actually meeting up next week to talk about sales funnels and online marketing. But I wanted to tell you why its been amazing…
I believe SALES is basically the #1 skill anyone can acquire to get anything they want out of life. And this book can tell you updated techniques on influence and persuasion that WORK
I mean the FBI use this, for crying out loud lol
That being said… lets dive in quickly why I think you should get this book and what IM BEING BLOWN AWAY in the first two chapters of learning.
First, The level of detail but yet the great practicality truly marveled me. You see… Ive read a bunch of books in the last year about sales and influence but sometimes they tend to be a little bit abstract and hard to take action on.
Not with this one… I actually ended up applying it within a couple hours with my wife lol She was laughing!
its teaching me:
– How to negotiate in any situation no matter the person or outcome you are looking for using labelling and mirroring techniques.
– How active listening can be one of the keys of success.
– How to influence anyone to take action and pay attention to what you have to say by pulling in certain triggers that touch on psychology and neurology that allow you to build instant rapport.
– How to get people to trust you and deliver value through your words without being slimy or salesy.
This book will transform your view of communication and influence its so cool!
So, Do yourself a favour and grab a copy of this book. You can thank me later lol ====> http://amzn.to/2vc7vve
– Andres